German World War II weapons.

During World War II, Germany had a significant technological advantage in several areas of arms.

It worked to their advantage, especially at the beginning of the war, but at the end of the war the Germans could be proud of a series of different innovative weapons, commonly known by the Allies the German secret weapon.

German technological superiority in weapons was not an accident. But the result of three main factors:

Germany was one of the most scientifically advanced countries.

In the years before World War II it was Germany that was the main military leader in technological innovation.

From 1933 years, when Adolf Hitler became dictator of Germany and began to pursue policies aimed at War, Germany made the maximum effort to re-prepare for a major war.

The German military industry was a leader in many areas, in addition, received enormous resources from the budget and other sources of state, which greatly influenced the German army equipped with the most advanced weapons that were available at that time.
In the same pre-war years, in western countries was conducted pacifist policies introduced after World War I, which ignored the rapidly growing threat, and the defense budgets of Western countries were woefully low.

Stalin's Russia is also slowly getting ready for war, but with this difference, that Stalin's regime of terror introduced throughout the country which effectively wyeliminowywało introduction of new technology and innovation. There is therefore no wonder, that in the years 1933-1939 Germany achieved a significant advantage in military technology on future foes.
When the war started, Hitler ordered confident, to slow down work on the development of the German weapons.

But at the end of the war, under the influence of their enemies outnumbered and facing defeat, Germany desperately begin to invest in highly sophisticated development of new weapons, with impressive results, need for mass production of large quantities of old weapons, prevented the development work, it was too late, to prevent Germany from impending disaster.
German secret weapons.

Samoloty odrzutowe i rakietowe:

  • Arado 234 – the world's first jet bomber, Arado 234 advanced bomber was equipped with a single seat with auto pilot, The airplane has a gun on the back, and two high-efficiency motors.
  • Messerschmitt 262 – the world's first jet aircraft, this was an excellent bomber.
  • Messerschmitt 163 – the world's first rocket-powered Messerschmitt fighter 163 was extremely quick and agile for short-range, bomber for the defense. In the hands of capable pilots was a remarkable weapon, even though its short-range.
  • Heinkel 162 – jet fighter designed for mass production of low-skilled workers, using available materials other than the strategic, adapted to the pilot by the little-trained pilots. Only 69 days after obtaining the contract, Hitler's army had a new fighter jet, and production started in full swing.

Other advanced aircraft

  • Dornier 335 – the world's first fighter aircraft ejection seat system, Dornier 335 was fast and powerful bomber, who could fly and climb faster than his opponents, eg: American P-51. Unlike a typical twin-engine aircraft with one propeller on each wing, Dornier 335 had a propeller on the front and a tail.
  • Junkers 87 “Sztukas” – first true precision bomber. Sztukasy played a crucial role in the German Blitzkrieg and the victories in the first half of the war, and remained the best dive bomber in World War II.

Helicopters – the world's first operational military helicopters were:

  • Flettner 282, diagnosis of small maritime helicopter used mainly in the Mediterranean,
  • Focke Achgelis 223, Multi-purpose, few copies were produced due to the destruction of factories by the Allied bombing.

Secret Weapon:

  • Henschel Hs-293 – the world's first operational missile. First used in Operation, 27 August 1943, when he sank the British warship. Hs-293 ​​was a remote-controlled rocket missile head 500 kg. Fired at least 2300 missiles by the end of the war.
  • Ruhrstahl Fritz-X – the world's first bomb targeted designed to combat heavily armored warships. For the first time used 09 September 1943 – two Fritz-X bombs dropped from a German bomber and hit the Italian 45.000 ton battleship Roma so, that exploded. It was a modern bomb, radio controlled. Fritz-X was built to destroy the thickest armor.
  • V-1 – the world's first rocket motor pulse. Range 240km, Weight 2180kg.Pierwsze bombing V-1 missile was conducted at night 13 to 14 June 1944 years. With a well-camouflaged launcher fired 10 missiles in the direction of London, of which only 4 reached the British Isles
  • V-2 – The world's first long-range ballistic missile. Separate drive for liquid fuel, head reach 380HP, speed 2900-5500 km per hour, because of the high velocity of the projectile was not possible early warning, and for it to be fired from mobile launchers, which were difficult to detect before and after running.
  • Schrage Music – the name of the baptized firing up the installation mounted on the Luftwaffe night-fighter. Pozwalała ona na zbliżenie się i zaatakowanie bombowców brytyjskich od spodu w miejscu, gdzie nie było defensywnego uzbrojenia, and noticing it was unlikely a fighter.
  • Sondergerate – fired anti-tank recoilless down missiles installed in the aircraft operated automatically by a photoelectric sensor, when the plane was attacking the intended purpose.


  • Type submarine 21 – The world's first submarine that could be submerged during the entire patrol, not only in combat, as early submarines. Type 21 was the most advanced submarine in every respect. He had a battery powered system and charge its battery, which does not require the ascent to the surface. This was the first submarine with advanced SONAR that detect enemy submarines,without a periscope. He had a special electric motors to drive the fight against the silent system, rapid reloading torpedo, air conditioning and much more. The ship was a very powerful weapon to effectively carry out underwater attacks, which was much more difficult to detect by aircraft to combat submarines and ships.
  • The submarine-type 23 – younger sister of a 21st Very small submarine (250 tone) the crew just 14 personal, has been optimized to attack and survive in coastal waters and shallow, and also had advanced features such 21, was also able to quickly douse – in less than 10 seconds.
  • Electrically-propelled torpedoes – the world's first electrically powered torpedoes were used by German submarines. Not a trace of bubbles formed in water, and therefore they could not be spotted, which greatly improved the chances of avoiding counterattack.
  • Stealth – The world's first project in the application of stealth technology submarines. That caused the surface of German submarines became invisible and not possible to detect on the surface at night. Stealth technology was based on the same principles as used in radar-absorbing coatings and modern aircraft.

Chemical Weapons

  • Gaza fighting – the world's first three types of chemical weapons have been developed in Germany:
  1. Tabun (1936),
  2. Sarin (1938),
  3. Soman (1944),

All the many times more deadly than the previous chemical weapons. In contrast to mustard gas, that could injure and kill by burning the skin and tissues, New gases acted more refined nervous system paralyzed, as the venom of scorpions and snakes Cobra, quickly followed a total paralysis of respiratory muscles and prevent. Allied armies knew nothing about this terrible German secret weapons, ao fact, that the German artillery was already equipped with such weapons, learned only after the war. Germany, on the other hand, did not know, that the Allies did not have any poison gas, but we have assumed that any, and therefore feared massive retaliation with similar weapons.

Winston Churchill said, that if the Germans will use chemical weapons, he will be forced to use the whole of the British stockpile of chemical weapons in retaliation.

  • Assault Rifle 44 – the world's first assault rifle. Assault Rifles (such as the modern M-16 and AK-47) are optimized compromise between the rifle and submachine gun, combining the advantages of both arms.
  • Synfuel – the world's first synthetic fuel. Before and during World War II, Germany built many large manufacturing plants, exclusively for military purposes. Fuel can be produced much more expensive than fuel oil. Production of fuels from coal, was extremely important, to Germany during the war could overcome its dependence on imported oil.


  • Radio Navigacja- Since the beginning of World War II, German night bombers to successfully navigate to their targets using the stationary systems of radio transmitters and receivers installed in the bomber. This was the ancestor of the GPS. In the first years of war, Allied bombers night had similar systems and were very inaccurate.

The above list of German weapons does not include many other innovative projects on which work was, and which were terminated due to the defeat of the Third Reich, but we had a big impact on the post-war arms race, East-West.

It also excludes many other advanced German weapons, who participated in World War II, for which the Allies had a similar type weapons.

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